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July 20, 2012

Hey there! Just wanna to share some hot guys here! 😀

Hopefully there is anyone know their name or their page, whatever related to them. So that, I can “stalk” and get some information to share more of their information and pictures! =)

Fast and short post! Cheers!

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Holden Nowell

May 12, 2012

I know I have been absent for quite some days, was just busy for some personal stuffs.

Well, I’ll stop talking so much, and goes into the topic. I’m so excited to back here and sharing this video to you all!! Watch it, and you will know why! =)

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Really appreciated to one of my friend who sharing it to me!

Holden Nowell (born  January 14th, 1989)  in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a Canadian model. This blue-eyed brunette is one tall drink of water. Standing at a tall 6’2½”, Holden has a long lean torso that will have you drooling. A few of his notable career highlights include posing for respected photographer Greg Vaughan and appearing in a Frankie Morello ad campaign.

Honestly, he could attract so many people one of the reason was “shirtless” in the music video. The audiences is like Jepsen goes crazy on his appearance and his hot body.

My argument about “Is he GAY?”. Honestly, we don’t know about it and we couldn’t make any comments about it because it is his personal life, but I believe that he was just “act” and he is a straight guy. Yeah, don’t be so disappointed. Cheers! =)

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Marco Dapper

April 20, 2012

Marco Dapper (born July 9, 1983) is an American model and actor, best known for his role in the 2006 film Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Dapper loves to cook and work out at the gym. He’s also into music. He listens to Rock, Reggae and Rap.

Knowing him at “Eating Out_2“, he is hot and cute in the film. In addition, he was really working so hard in the film and fully nude in the film. You will find him cute soon after you watch the film.

Stong Photography:

Photos from Adam Bouska:

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Brett Chukerman

April 15, 2012

Brett Chukerman (born August 1, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor and television host.
Brett Chukerman first appeared on screen in the acclaimed short film Crush. Chukerman played leading roles in the films Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, The Curiosity of Chance and Evil Bong II: King Bong. His television credits include MTV’s Undressed, Power Rangers, So NoTORIous and Greek.
In 2010, Brett was the official host for Oscar.com’s live red carpet coverage of the Academy Awards. Brett started his hosting career, traveling all over the United States for The Auction Network. In addition, he co-hosted Dog & Pony for CNet (a division of CBS), presented an instructional series for Comcast and is an entertainment correspondent for the Japanese network Super Drama. Brett has extensive live experience as both a presenter for Beverly Hills TV – a live broadcast on the U.K. Sky Satellite Network seen in over 8 million homes – and as the host of the Battlestar Galactica Auction for The Auction Network and NBC/Universal.

Nothing much to says about him. Yeah, know from Eating Out 2 that’s it. Not to say he is not my type or not handsome whatever, just… nothing much to describe about him.

by: NickBabby


Jim Verraros

April 10, 2012

Jim Verraros (born on February 8, 1983) a native of Crystal Lake, Illinois, Jim Verraros auditioned for the first season of American Idol at the suggestion of a friend while he was attending Columbia College as a musical theater major in Chicago.

Jim was undoubtedly one of the most talented and talked about contestants to ever appear on the hit Fox TV show American Idol. Jim placed 9th on the first season and become one of the most memorable contestants to ever appear on the hit show. Because he was raised by deaf parents, he is fluent in American Sign Language. Jim is of Greek (father) and German, Irish, French and English (mother) descent. As a child, Jim ironically excelled in singing and acting at a very early age so much so, that school music teachers had the task of explaining his talent to his parents who were naturally unaware of Jim’s abilities.

After the show ended, Jim won the hearts all across America as a featured performer on the 2002 American Idols Live Tour which played to sold out stadiums in 30 cities across the country. Jim was also a contributing artist on the Certified Gold “American Idol: Greatest Moments” album along with 2 time Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson.

But his popularity really soared after he came “out” in The Advocate in January 2003. “I needed to be true to myself and embrace the reality that people are just people, and no one should ever be judged based on their sexuality. I knew of the risks associated within the music community for being true to my fans and myself. But, this disclosure does not define me, my music, or my career, as I am a human being first and foremost”, says Jim.

On April 26, 2005, Jim released his mainstream debut, “Rollercoaster” on Koch Records. The album garnered a top 20 Billboard Dance Hit, “You Turn It On,” along with a breakout hit; “You’re Getting Crazy.” Along with this debut, his film “Eating Out,” was released on DVD through Ariztical Entertainment.

Jim is now writing and recording the follow up to his debut album, “Rollercoaster,” (TBA) and has his second film, the sequel to “Eating Out,” (selling more than 50,000 copies to date) “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds,” reprising his role as Kyle. The film has made its way to film festivals all across the world. The DVD has officially released on May 29th, 2007.

The possibilities for Jim’s career are inevitably endless. With a knack for reinvention and sex appeal, his demographic is incredibly vast and is a true inspiration to many. Being diverse in talent, Jim would like to have definitive careers in both the independent film community as well as a strong place in the music industry.

An actor knowing from Eating Out 1. To be honest, he might not be so attractive in the films, but in my opinion he is gorgeous and the cutest one compare with others.

And the best photography ever from Adam Bouska!

by: NickBabby


Scott Lunsford

April 5, 2012

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Scott Lunsford has been drawn to the entertainment industry since his early teens.

An actor know at the film “Eating Out Session 1″. Not much information about him, anyway he is also a hot guy in the film.

by: NickBabby


Ryan Carnes

April 1, 2012

Ryan Gregg Carnes born on December 6, 1982 in Pittsfield, Illinois. Ryan Carnes is an American actor, attended Duke University where he was a member of “DUMB (Duke University Marching Band)”. In 2003, Carnes was part of a national campaign for Nintendo which was both in print and commercial. Carnes first started acting in 2004  when he became the ninth actor to portray Lucas Jones on the ABC soap opera General Hospital from July 2004 until September 2005. After he left General Hospital, he was replaced by Ben Hogestyn. From 2004-2006, he had a recurring role on Desperate Housewives as Justin, the love interest of Andrew Van de Kamp, played by Shawn Pyfrom. Carnes also starred in the 2004 film Eating Out, and the 2006 movie Surf School. He also starred in the video for the song Mistake by Australian actress/singer Stephanie McIntosh. Despite playing gay characters in Desperate Housewives, General Hospital, and Eating Out, Carnes has stated in interviews that he is not gay. Carnes appeared in two episodes of Doctor Who: “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks” in which he played Laszlo, who was turned into a half-human half-pig slave. In the 2008 horror movie “Trailer Park of Terror”, based on the Imperium comic series of the same name, Carnes plays an arrogant teenager called Alex. He is also starring as the title character in the upcoming SyFy TV-series The Phantom, based on Lee Falk’s superhero.

Know him at the film “Eating Out“, and I guess he was the hottest one in the movie. He might not be the perfect one, but he could really drag your attention from the film.

How much I hope the Session 2, Marc was still playby Ryan Carnes, unfortunately it was another person to replace him and I wonder why.

by: NickBabby